Our Kitchen

Villa Shmitanka | Where Dreams Come True

Entering Villa Shmitanka is an exceptional experience, cannot be created at any other hotel or a mass hosting place. The strict planning and the spectacular design, based on the local wild nature surrounds the area, and the whole kitchen based on fresheners and the fully use of local quality raw material.
Villa Shmitanka surrounded by plantations and agricultural fields. The villages at the area containing authentic home dairies, specialist in making high-quality home-made cheese from local cattle, and also farmers rear various species of chickens and cattle.
The villa’s guests got to taste exceptional flavors, from fruits and vegetables which harvested just few hours earlier, dairy and meat are provides directly from the nearest farmers.
Merav, the owner of Villa Shmitanka, defines herself as an intuitive cook. Merav is a great believer of producing signature dishes, delight and Meticulous detailed, by fully using the local raw materials, accordingly to the geographical area and seasons. This type of cooking, specialized in producing from the materials presented and provided, not looking for dishes based on frozen or preserved materials, but rather investigate what is offered by nature and by the local agriculture, each different day.

Farm to table

In a Modern and fully equipped kitchen, Merav prepares jams from figs, apples and even from a local sweet pumpkin. She also bakes sourdough breads from whole wheat and ancient grains flour (Camshaft flour) grinded each day, and from a sourdough preserved by an Italian elderly woman lives at the village. Merav cook fresh pasta in various sauces and combine between breathtaking chef’s dishes and authentic cuisine in order to provide joy and fulfillment to the stomach and the soul.

A Culinary Experience

Some of the unique dishes of Merav’s kitchen, provided from private growing of fresh herbs, rising and flourishing in the spice garden located near the kitchen, providing Intoxicating and refreshing fragrances. The basic hosting at the villa includes a rich and delight breakfast, and with a pre-arrangement, you can order all kinds of meals, enjoy a cool refreshing drink by the pool, fresh fruit trays sliced and served in a tempting shape, hot drinks, pastries, desserts and many more. The rich kitchen at Villa Shmitanka provides the guests an exceptional culinary experience and accomplished in preserving its quality by the combination of the love for food and the love for people. the kitchen is available for the villa’s guest and is not open for visitors.