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Villa Shmitanka

Villa Shmitanka had been purchased as an abandoned antique structure, in the aim of renovate it to a luxury hospitality house for tourists and visitors, while maintaining the authenticity, material and bonding to the environment and the local nature.
During the structure renovate to a high standards hospitality complex, we chose to create Recreational facilities that will make every visit and every vacation just perfect.
Just as the design was made in an unmediated way with a deep boning to the wild nature surrounds the Villa, such is the choosing the furniture, the creating of the Recreational facilities and the local cuisine.
Villa Shmitanka located at east Tuscany, in the heart of a wild and pure local nature. The planning, designing, and creating the facilities weren’t separately from it, and were actually designed to provide the visitors an experience of comfort and joy, with a bonding to the nature surrounds the place.