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Villa Shmitanka | Where Dreams Come True

Nearby Surrounding

Villa Shmitanka is located at the center of Italy, region Marche. The villa surrounded by green, in one of the prettiest area in the country, placed in the heart of a pure wild nature, not yet has gone through a process of industrial. A place full of plentiful traditions, flavors and kindly welcoming locals.

Since 1885

The meticulous renovation of the villa, which preserved since 1885, intended to preserve the structure and its authenticity, along with a high strictness of paying attention to every detail, aimed to create a breathtaking hosting space, providing every comfort conditions for staying. Around the villa there are green vineyards, olive trees and an open wild nature space. Along with local nature and many natural spaces, villa Shmitanka located near local cultural sites, offers the guests various of festivals and attractions. It is also located near one of the world’s most stunning coast. The nearest city to the villa is Servigaliano, a small town full of magic and beauty, known for its small invading piazza, which is the center and heart of the tourist area, providing a magical urbanic experience. Festival and various events are celebrated at the city all over the year, while the mainly events are celebrated at August- the tourist season, includes a traditional event lasts eight days, and tells the story of the kingdom, accompanied by spectacular costumes and colorful parades

Ski and more…

The local ski resort is professional and stunning, invites the guests, just by a short drive, to enjoy a professional ski vacation for all family members. A school where you can learn all skiing skills and earn more recreation and sport experiences. Villa Shmitanka is the perfect space for staying when you go to a ski vacation, or in general. It has a fireplace at every floor, hot tub, sauna and great cuisine and dining. The coasts at Marche region are white-sand coasts, isolated and wild, including magical bays that are well accessorize for the benefit of the visitors and tourists. The place surrounded by many picturesque towns and traditional urbanic cities, and it enable a trip through nature and spacious, attractions, activities, and cultural and leisure sites. You can enjoy visiting an exceptional parks, sailing in the local lakes, bicycle trip, wine tour, extreme activity such as rafting and etc. Local travel agencies offer two days trip and longer, to caves, mountains route, lakes, natural springs and historical sites, including a transportation service from the villa accompanied by a local guide, for Groups or private individuals. And for those who like to combine vacation with shopping… in Marche region there are many factories and outlets stores offers the best of Italy designers.